Friday, 20 July 2012

the sun is shining

... and it never goes down.  Our first two nights wild camping outside Tromso airport feel slightly bizarre as the midnight sun is truly that.  The light remains constant - not even dimming slightly.   We find a nice spot on a spit of land poking into the sea - so nice that we return to it after a day exploring Tromso town.  To be honest, the town is rather disappointing because it's tiny and very quiet.  But this also makes it easy to navigate and find the important things - bank for cash, library for internet, supermarket for food.  
We know Norway is expensive - so we immediately withdraw about £400 in cash.  It'll probably last us a week.  We e-mail home and check out the food situation in the supermarkets. The prices are mindboggling. Is it really £3 for a loaf of bread?
We picnic in the sunshine.  Ahh, what a wonderful feeling - being on holi....I mean travelling again. 

Around ten in the evening we're reading in broad daylight in our tent when someone outside greets us.  A chatty fella with a rucksack has just come out of the airport in search of a free camp.  He's Ota and immediately strikes up a conversation like we were old friends.  So we're not the only hobos around after all.  

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