Shameless Plug:

The Adventure Cycle Touring Handbook - an inspiring and informative handbook for anyone considering cycle touring.  There's info on the essentials of touring and ideas for places to explore.  Meticulously researched and well-written with some jaw-dropping photographs.

Essential Sites:

Crazy Guy On A Bike - a site hosting all kinds of cycling blogs (special mention for Chris Pountney, a man on a mission)

Couch Surfing - a great way to meet people all over the world

Warm Showers - a must for cycle tourers: stay with locals who bike

Blogs of cyclists we've met en route:

Travelling Two - info and advice for cycle tourers
Mag En Route - Magali's journeys to Scandanavia 2012 & Mongolia 2010 (in french)
My Itchy Feet - Kenta, a young Japanese, cycling across continents
Six Pieds Sur Terre - Maxim, Elodie and Timeo's 2012 journey by tandem (in french)
Super Sized Adventure - Ollie and his mates Jodie and Dan riding to India or somewhere... 
Travels With Chari - Danny's ride across Japan in 2014.  Look out for the book!
Pedalling West - Andy and Clare's ride from Japan to Europe.

Links to friends made on the road:

Pikes on Bikes - Harriet and Neil like to do it the hard way: off-road and mountain climbing too Untamed Borders - for an adventurous destination (we met James on our last journey)
Footsteps Across Europe - Ruth and Gordon introduced us to the idea of slow cycling
Laurynas' travel photos - he and Giedre looked after us in Vilnius
Mario's Film Blog -  for non-mainstream films (in Italian)
Mechthild & Marc's Balkan Journey - we met in Albania (in German)
The Baking Barrister - Anna in Zitsa, Northern Greece


  1. Hello Sloths!

    Lovely website. Wasn't sure how to contact you so will just leave a comment...

    We met a French couple, Pascal & Pascal, who mentioned your trip and it sounded like the next part of your route might be a little similar to what my wife and I have just done: pedalling across Greece and Turkey.

    We're in Georgia now heading towards Iran. Our website is

    Do drop me a line:

  2. Hiya,
    Thanks for the note on our guestbook. Love your blog and the name! We are feeling a little slothful ourselves today as its now 12.50 and we are still at the campground in Pamukkale, at least the tent is now dry. We are going to hide in the South of Turkey for the next couple of weeks, hoping the weather will have warmed up enough to enter Iran by 1st April. Would be great to catch up so will be keeping an eye on your whereabouts,
    Suzy and Dino (nzbbb)