Saturday, 7 July 2012

And they're off!

Finally, after two years of thinking about this journey, and two final weeks of headless-chickening, we board a plane that takes us to Copenhagen.  And then one to Oslo.  And then another to Tromso.  It's mindlessly relaxing up until the point we realise in Oslo that we have to collect our bikes and trolley them up to another floor, through customs and through another check-in, with only 40 minutes before our final flight. We run through the airport to the very last boarding gate. It's Die Hard with a Vengeance stuff.  Gayle has to stop me from ripping off my shirt down to my vest in all the excitement.......

In Tromso we await the arrival of our luggage and bikes in a tiny terminal.  One bag is missing - the one with our tent.  The one with our new expensive tent.  "We'll send it over to where you are staying when it arrives" the helpful man at the information desk informs us.  We were planning to camp at the end of the runway - nice bit of flat ground, short grass, not too much traffic.  "That's okay - we'll wait".  
In the meantime we check and load our bikes.  It's 9 in the evening and there's a sun high in the sky. 

We've all the time in the world......

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