Saturday, 28 July 2012

everyman's right

The one thing that makes Norway affordable to us is the ability to camp for free anywhwere, provided we are 150 metres from a dwelling and we stay for no more than two nights.  This is known as 'Allemansretter' in Norway - everyman's right.  And so, every evening, when we are starting to feel tired of cycling, we start looking for a spot to pitch our tent.  The joke is that although Norway only has 5 million inhabitants, they all have a cabin in the back country and they live very spread out.  Thus, trying to camp more than 150 metres from a dwelling isn't always as easy as the map suggests.

We also need water to cook.  Most places don't have public toilets, so we have often stopped at the well-tended cemeteries to draw water from the stand pipe.  If the weather's been bad we might cook our tea first in a bus shelter before looking to sleep somewhere else.  We have developed the strange habit of constantly spotting camping locations - dirt tracks that lead off the road, hidden corners in freshly-mowed fields, beaches or beauty spots by lakes that you cannot drive to.
A good camping place can make the day. 

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