Wednesday, 22 August 2012

water water everywhere

....and not a free wc to pee.  Stockholm is a a great capital city.  It's got a fabulous collection of buildings dotted around the harbours and waterways that surround and cut across the city:

The old town is charming in that lovely cobbled and narrow way that can suddenly feel claustrophobic when a cruise shipload of tourists meet you coming in the opposite direction.  Green spaces.  Trendy neighbourhoods.  More cycle paths than roads, almost.  But nowhere to get a free pee.  You even have to pay in McDonalds.  What's going on?  One afternoon I even find myself in the reading room of the national library opening cleaning cupboards in the search of a toilet...

a great brand
We're hosted in a quiet neighbourhood by Frederick and Phim.  They have a tiny appartment but are still generous enough to share it.  They are planning to emigrate to Australia but want to first explore the country by bicycle.  Phim's from Thailand and we are wondering what it must be like to try and adapt to life here in Stockholm.  The lure of Australia is obviously great for both of them.  

Our last days in Sweden remain reliably sunny and we have great fun riding around the city and doing touristy things and photographing silly things.  


A couple of the many museums advertise free entry so we visit the History Museum and the Ethnography museum - it's only on the way out that we see that free entry is on a different day.....Unfortunately we'll miss Mr Soul & His Marshmallows.  Our plan now is to head through the Aland islands and over to Helsinki, island hopping along the way........

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