Monday, 20 August 2012

days of heaven

We emerge from the trees and out into rolling farmland.  Fields of wheat everywhere.  

At each town we ask for directions at the tourist office for the next.  One day we find ourselves cycling on the edge of a motorway.  Traffic's a little fast, the verge is a bit narrow. We get lost only once on the way to Uppsala, which seems remarkable when you think we're using a map of Scandinavia and Finland to get around.  Each night we try and camp in one of the fields where the crop has already been cut.  

Wheat, lots of wheat. Barley.  I'm Richard Gere to Gayle's Brooke Adams.  The roads are flat and we manage some longer days.  Even the night we camp next to the railway tracks we sleep solidly.

It seems remarkable to us but the sun just keeps on shining.

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