Wednesday, 6 August 2014

whatever happened to the likely lads?

It's almost 3 weeks since the World Cup final took place and we still don't know the result.  We have cycled across Kyrgyzstan from Osh to Bishkek without meeting any football mad locals or tourists.  Along the way Dino suggests we look for the match on the internet when we reach Bishkek but in our first few days here we've been doing other things.  But we've not forgotten.  Nor has Gayle.  Regrettably she keeps telling others at the guesthouse so now there's a dozen folk who are conscious that Dino and me are looking forward to sitting down in front of the screen and pretending we're watching the match live. First things first - we need to find the game on the internet to download.  Finally one night we get a copy but it's late, too late to watch.  Tomorrow night.
We can get the beer in, get settled in the comfy corner, maintain the illusion.  Unless.  Unless someone starts talking about the final, lets out the result.  It's been 20 days and still we have managed not to discover the score.  It's a miracle.

And then Thierry makes a jokey reference to the two cyclists "from the country that won the World Cup". Mmmm.  Would they be German or Argentinian, Thierry? 

I'm thinking of slashing his tyres..........

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