Monday, 23 December 2013


We're chatting to Nikos the young owner of the place we're staying whilst his wife, Maria, cleans out one of the appartments.  He wants to know where we're going next.
"We're off to Turkey" - pointing in the direction.  The Turkish coast is only a stone's throw away from Molyvos.  "Have you ever visited?" asks Gayle. Nikos smiles, shrugs and replies "No, never."
"Not even Istanbul?" we are surprised.  Maria asks Nikos something and in his hurried reply we hear the name "Constantinopoli".
"You don't say 'Istanbul' in Greece?"
"No, it's easier for us to say Constantinopoli."


The film showing the Saturday before Christmas is a Finnish feelgood film for all the family about Father Christmas (dig the alliteration!).  The cinema is the village mosque now used as a court.  Dimitris is setting up the film on his laptop, sorting out sub-titles.  Just as the film begins he comes over to say hello and proffer his apologies.  "We had a problem.  We could either have Greek sub-titles or English sub-titles but not both at the same time."  No problem, we reassure him.  We aren't expecting to struggle with the plot.  He continues happily "There is a lady over there from Finland, so she is pleased!"
The lights dim.  We settle down.  The film has been overdubbed into Russian.

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