Thursday, 27 December 2012


We've been unpacked at Magali and Jean-Baptiste's for nearly a month so it's been a time to sort out things, replace some items, clean them or make repairs.  It's easy to forget that all of this stuff will have to go inside our panniers and back on the bikes.
I had asked Father Christmas for a Kindle (179gm) but all I got was a bookmark (4gm).  Gayle has finally finished Little Dorritt, which we've carried all the way from home.  Now it's my turn to read it.

not so little at 400 gm

What is even more alarming than the weight of our books is the weight of our food supplies.  We are hardly in the wastelands of the Sahara here, but for some reason we have accumulated 1kg of chocolate alone.  I refuse to let Gayle see my coffee stash.

My mum will be pleased to learn that we finally washed our down jackets for the first time since we bought them in 2001.  They are now twice the size they were and won't squeeze into the panniers so easily.   And Xavier next door offered to wash our sleeping bags in their old industrial machine which they use for all their accomodation laundry.  He tells me they have 50 beds.  The village only has about 40 residents!  In return I lend a hand in moving some furniture with him.  All of a sudden our stuff is smelling much more sweetly.

And Gayle now has a bike helmet to replace the one she left behind at a bus shelter in Norway. So the only thing we don't have for the next stage of our journey is a device to keep wild boar away from our tent in Corsica.  Apparently they have a nose for chocolate..........

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